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We received .89 inches of rain last night and the soil is saturated. To be fair, the soil was saturated from last weeks storm, so this is just a continuation of a wet weather pattern. The basins take about 24 to 36 hours to drain completely from the mess that is posted below. I am think about slowly filling in the basins, but I need them in the summer months because the round gets too dry. I water about once every four days in the heat of the summer and the plants seem to thrive. What are your thoughts?

Double clicking the photos will give you much more detail.

About an inch of rain filled this basin to capacity. This is the basin after 12 hours. I wonder if the Triple Crown Blackberries will put up with wet feet a few times a year?

I have four planted berries and three of them do not have the standing water in the basin. The lower berry has a smidge of water left as of tonight. It should be all gone by the morning.


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The fall season is here and the Triple Crown Blackberries are going into dormancy. The color of the leaves have been extreme. Were talking about neon oranges, reds, and yellows. I am sure the plants will be more impressive when they fully mature into the monsters that I heard about.

I do have one concern about where I planted these guys. It seems that all of the water from my back yard wants to flow in this direction after a good rain. I will have standing water in the in the basin around the plant for a couple of days. The ground that you see in the last picture below is still wet after 8 days with no rain. I thought about filling in the basins, but there is still standing water around the outside of the basin too. The water does dissipate after a couple of day. So far, the plants seem to be handling the wet conditions but only time will tell. I have no intention of digging them up now and moving them elsewhere.  I will post pictures of what the area looks like after our next rain which should be tomorrow.

As always, double click on the picture below to get even better detail.

Some intense yellows too.

Here is a shot of one of the small Triple Crown Blackberry plants changing color.

Nice deep reds before the Triple Crown Blackberry goes dormant for the winter. The ground is still wet after 8 days with no rain.

Not quite as colorful at the Triple Crown Blackberry yet. Maybe the Black Satin Blackberry plants are not as colorful? The ground is still wet after 8 days with no rain. There will be standing water in an around the basin for a couple of days afterward. I hope the berries can live through these conditions!

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My wife bought me a Camp Chef propane Oven Stove from Costco on Father’s Day. I wanted to test this oven on a loaf of frozen bread dough that I obtained from Walmart before I went camping for “real”. I still have to figure out the lighting on this unit. It has an instant start, but I find that it takes two to three slow turns before I get a flame that will not burn out. When I try to turn the oven off, the knob will occasionally stick and I need to jiggle it a little. I know that the knob needs to be pushed in before turning. It could be that I need use a little finesse and read the manual again. Overall, I am VERY pleased with this unit and give it a strong “BUY”.

This Camp Chef Oven Stove combo works great! It should add some comfort on our car camping trips.

I decided to use some frozen dough that I purchased from Walmart. You can see the loaf beginning to thaw and rise.

The bread pan was also purchased at Walmart. The bread slid out nice and easy with no cooking spray!

I placed the bread dough in the oven when the temperature hit 350 degrees. I placed the bread pan in another cake pan to act as a heat diffuser. It may have not made any difference, but I did not have a burnt loaf, so it did give me peace of mind.

As you can see, the stove is very roomy and and can accomodate most 13 x 9 inch pans.

After 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees, the loaf began to get nice color. The temp on the stove wanted to climb well over 450 degrees, so I propped the door open and the temp came back down to 350 degrees. For safe measure, I rotated the pans one time to avoid uneven baking. I am not sure if it was needed in the first place.

The finished loaf! It slid right out of the pan.

The loaf appears to have been burned on the bottom right, but it wasn't! Yes it was darker, but the bread came out nearly perfect. I would have taken the loaf out a minute or two earlier, but the family loved it. At about 80 cents a loaf, it is a fairly good bargain too.

My six year old ate two slices and manage to sneak some more when I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. He only weighs 39 pounds and eats very little. I think the bread was a hit with him.

I purchased some cheap pans from Walmart. Most of their 13 x 9 pans fit with room to spare.

Walmart Pan

A nice inexpensive cake pan.

A 13 x 9 cupcake pan obtained at Walmart

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