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My Nikon D70 has been the only camera that I have used over the last six plus years. After a few thousand shutter clicks, I noticed that my camera would not meter correctly and the lens had to be zoomed in a little to focus correctly. I have become tired of carrying around the larger body and heavy glass that comes with it.The Fuji x10 was released last month and I was instantly hooked. A small compact camera with one attached lens that has a range of 28mm to 112mm. The camera has a smaller sensor than the D70, but the sensor excels in dynamic range and low light situations. There are macro modes, image stabilization, panoramic modes, portrait, fireworks modes and more.  The Fuji x10 also has a very bright optical viewfinder and the camera is designed to look like an old range finder. The camera is built exceptionally well. Most of it is metal. The camera has all of the manual functions that a enthusiast photographer would want. It can be a bit overwhelming at times to figure out how some of the modes work, etc. There is a firmware update for this camera that will be released soon, so I hope it will take care of a few quirky issues. Over all, I give the camera a 9 out of 10 for my use.

I may revise my rating later once I feel a bit more confident. The old D70 and the accessories will be sold to offset most of the costs associated with this camera. I will miss the D70 as it has served me well. I won’t miss the weight and multiple lenses that I had to carry around.  The first photo was taken by my D70. All of the other photos were taken by my Fuji x10.

You have to CLICK on the pictures twice to see greater detail. Please !, Please ! Please! The detail in the yellow flower is amazing after the second click. 🙂

The Fuji x10 is very small and fits almost in the palm of my hand. For reference, ther is a lottery ticket in the background and part of a TV remote in the background.

The fine detail is exceptional. My Nikon D70 did not have a macro mode. I am going to enjoy this feature the most when it comes to flowers and bugs.

Another fine example of Fuji x10 macro mode. Nice color and detail for such a small sensor.

This camera loves low light situations. No flash used here. Just the ambient light from the windows off to the right.

Some animals at Sea World San Diego. (Camera Fuji x10)

Nice colors. (Fuji x10 at Sea World San Diego.)

Jakey next to our master bedroom window. This shot was extremely under exposed and required a lot of post processing. (Camera: Fuji x10)


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It seems as if the Anna Apple trees never want to lose their leaves during the winter. Living in East San Diego county, we get enough chill hours to grow apples. We also have a lemon tree that manages to survive the frosts, so I guess you can say that we have a balanced climate for most plants. We had several cold nights recently and the Anna Apple tree leaves are starting to yellow and drop. The day time temperatures have been higher than expected and I am seeing the buds starting to swell. That would be great around March or April, but I fear that the tree will bud and then the frost will hit. Such is mother nature. If all goes well, I should have in excess of 50 apples on this tree. For such a small tree, the production is phenomenal. The header picture at the top of my blog is just one branch of the plant from last year.  This is the second year that we have had the tree in the ground. It was purchased as a bare root tree from Walter Anderson Nursery. You can always click on the photo below to see greater detail.

Anna Apple tree losing it's leaves in the fall.

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I was very concerned about the standing water in my Blackberry basins from the last few storms that our area received. The advice given to me was to fill them in. I need to water these plants in the heat of the summer, but they would die if corrective action does not take place this winter. I guess I can always use mulch and dig new shallow basins if needed during the summer.  The only thing that I am worried about is that I buried the stems of the vines under three inches of new dirt. I hope that the vines don’t rot or die off. I guess time will tell. Here are some before and after pictures:

About an inch of rain filled this basin to capacity. This is the basin after 12 hours. I wonder if the Triple Crown Blackberries will put up with wet feet a few times a year?

The Triple Crown Blackberry basin has been filled in to prevent water pooling and root rot. I hope this will fix the issue and I will have healthy plants during the spring.

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I purchased two Baba Raspberry plants from Walter Anderson’s Nursey, and one of them succumbed to a pest and the pesticide to kill the pest. I wanted a few more plants, so I placed and order with Walter Anderson Nursery in Poway, California. I was happy to get a phone call telling me that my three plants had come in. They were much bigger and very healthy than my previous two plants. I think I am going to plant them in a barrel for a couple of reasons. The first being that my ground is just way to dense and does not drain enough for the standard raspberry plant. I also want them to get some partial shade in the late afternoon, and I just don’t have the right location to put them into the ground. I guess the benefit of a barrel is that they will not spread their suckers to other areas, soil permitting of course. Click on the pictures to get a bigger size.

These plants were a special order from Walter Anderson's Nursery in Poway California. I am very pleased.

These plants came from Dave Wilson's Nursery. I special ordered them from Walter Anderson's Nursey in Poway California.

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