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I found a person on Garden Web who has a weather station and also has the ability to poll data from surrounding weather stations, (Wunderground Weather), for the amount of chill hours. I politely asked if he could find the data for my area. Thanks to Tom on the Fruit and Orchard boards at Garden Web. He sent me the following information:

MSDLKD 2011:
below 45 chill hours: 608
45 to 32 chill hours: 593
utah chill hours: 702

MRIOSD 2011:
below 45 chill hours: 543
45 to 32 chill hours: 539
utah chill hours: 761

MELMSD 2011:
below 45 chill hours: 528
45 to 32 chill hours: 519
utah chill hours: 700

The data shows an average of around 500 chill hours which is more than sufficient for the apples, berries, etc. that I am growing. The all capital letter names are the weather station names assigned to my area. The Triple Crown Blackberries need about 500-800 chill hours which might explain why they have not emerged as strongly as my other berry plants. I have been told to be patient and wait a couple more years before I make a final judgement. I know the Boysenberry and Marionberries will be thriving. I may just let them take over if the Triple Crowns do not put on a show.


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The blackberries are waking up. It seems the thorned varieties are growing like crazy while my thornless varieties have not reached their full potential.Image

You can see from the photo above that the thornless varieties are thriving but not as vigorous as the thorned varieties. The three blackberries from right to left are Triple Crown. The blackberry on the far left is the Black Satin, which experienced some die back. It too has new growth, but I may end up replacing it, if the plant appears to struggle again.


Pictured above is the Marionberry and behind it is a thorned Boysenberry. The plants have exploded with new growth.


The Olallie has made some progress but is not as vigorous as the Boysenberry or Marionberry.

There is a new thick primocane coming up on one of my Triple Crown Blackberries. I would like to see four or five more come out just like it.

Some more primocanes coming from another Triple Crown Blackberry.

Ripening Marionberries.

Triple Crown blackberry blossoms.

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