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The Blackberries are awakening and showing signs of life. The Black Satin Blackberry had some issues and there was some die off on three of the four canes. The fourth cane seems to be happy with new growth on it, but I will keep a careful eye to see if there will be some future issues. If you want to see a before and after of how far these plants came along, just scroll down a few stories to see when they were planted. You can click on the photos to make them much bigger. Double-clicking makes them give the finest detail.

You can see the brown canes that have died off. They were very small and week to begin with. There is one healthy cane that has new growth on the bottom, and further up on the blackberry cane.

Some new growth up 5 feet from the base of the Black Satin Blackberry.

Some new growth on the Olallieberry. I am quite surprised how fast this berry has adapted to being transplanted. There is a Kiowa Blackberry in the white bag sitting in wet sawdust chips for two months. I should transplant it to a pot at least. I don’t have any room to plant it at the moment. Maybe a backup if the Black Satin Blackberry dies?

The newly planted Marionberry is taking off too. With new growth coming from the base as well as new growth coming from the existing canes. You can see the Thornless Boysenberry in the background establishing new canes.

The Thorned Boysenberry is beginning to sprawl over the yard. I propped some of the canes over a shovel to keep the new growth from getting scorched on the hot ground. Once the canes are long enough, I will attach them to the trellis. Yes, you can see a bunch of Anna Apples in the lower right corner.

The Triple Crown Blackberries are the last of my berries to show any signs of growth. Seems like they wanted to sleep in this year.

Another close up view of the Triple Crown Blackberry growth. I should see a few berries this year.

Some more growth on another of my Triple Crown Blackberries.

Another view of the thorned blackberry patch. (Thorned Boysenberry, Marionberry, Olallieberry)

The Baba Red Raspberry is in a pot, but has managed to give me a handful of berries. I need to find a place for this berry. The flavor is awesome.

This a temporary home for this Baba Red Raspberry. I just need to keep it alive until the fall.


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We are having some weird weather and the plants are not sure what to do. I have an Anna Apple tree in full bloom. Some of my bare-root Baba Raspberries are sprouting new growth but my blackberries and other fruit trees are still dormant.  I rushed to take some photos before I left for a Superbowl party at my brother’s house, so they are not my best. Make sure you click twice on the photos. You won’t believe the detail in the close flower shots.

Second year Anna Apple in full bloom.

A close up of the Anna Apple blossom. There were a swarm of bees around this tree. I think that I should have a fair number of Apples this year.

Another view of my Anna Apple tree in full bloom. Notice the other pink flowers in the back ground?

I can't believe that my bare-root Baba Raspberries are sprouting already. I haven't put them into the ground yet!

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It seems as if the Anna Apple trees never want to lose their leaves during the winter. Living in East San Diego county, we get enough chill hours to grow apples. We also have a lemon tree that manages to survive the frosts, so I guess you can say that we have a balanced climate for most plants. We had several cold nights recently and the Anna Apple tree leaves are starting to yellow and drop. The day time temperatures have been higher than expected and I am seeing the buds starting to swell. That would be great around March or April, but I fear that the tree will bud and then the frost will hit. Such is mother nature. If all goes well, I should have in excess of 50 apples on this tree. For such a small tree, the production is phenomenal. The header picture at the top of my blog is just one branch of the plant from last year.  This is the second year that we have had the tree in the ground. It was purchased as a bare root tree from Walter Anderson Nursery. You can always click on the photo below to see greater detail.

Anna Apple tree losing it's leaves in the fall.

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Our juvenile Anna apple tree produced at least 40 apples this year which is not bad for a 2 year old tree. My banner on the top of this page shows some of the apples we harvested this year. Unfortunately, I shared half of them with the squirrels in my yard. This was not our first Anna apple tree. We planted one 7 years ago at our previous residence and were floored by how many apples came off of that tree. We recently spoke to the owners of our previous home and he showed me a monster tree with well over 100 apples on board.(I suspect, that there were many more).  We left it as a six foot tree and it is now a 15 foot tree that has been pruned regularly.

Anna apples are not as flavorful as some other home grown apples, but it is a low chill variety that will produce more flavorful apples found at most big box grocery stores. A second pollinator apple tree is recommended but not needed in my opinion. We do have a Dorsett Golden as a pollinator, but it is not as vigorous as the Anna. I have read that Anna’s can self -pollinate, but the apples have a more slender shape to them. Our current home in Lakeside is at a 650 foot elevation in the foothills of east San Diego county. From my research, we average between 400-600 chill hours. More than enough for the Anna Apple.

Can you believe that this little tree had over 40 full size apples?

Apples just before harvest time. Impressive yield for such a small tree!

Another view of the load of Anna Apples.

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