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Triple Crown Blackberries

I will have a handful of berries this year with much more expected for next year. Triple Crown Blackberry.

Mulched with wood chips and fertilized to keep them green. I am hoping for more primo canes between now and the fall months. Black Satin is on the right, the rest are Triple Crown Blackberries.

Plants are filling in, but I was hoping for more growth. Triple Crown Blackberries

Anna Apple Tree, overloaded as usual.

These are junior first year plants. Watch out next year! Marionberry and Boysenberry in the background.


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Some of the apples on my Anna Apple tree are formed nicely, but I estimate that up to a third of the Apples did not pollinate correctly due to the spring rains or lack of bees? Not sure.

Some nicely formed Anna Apples that I am happy with….but look in the lower left corner. See that skinny one? It was not cross pollinated or pollinated correctly.

I need to learn how to prune. The tree is a little lanky, and it leaned a little toward the fence some time after planting. If it leans more, I may have to stake the tree with straps to convince it back to proper standing.

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We are having some weird weather and the plants are not sure what to do. I have an Anna Apple tree in full bloom. Some of my bare-root Baba Raspberries are sprouting new growth but my blackberries and other fruit trees are still dormant.  I rushed to take some photos before I left for a Superbowl party at my brother’s house, so they are not my best. Make sure you click twice on the photos. You won’t believe the detail in the close flower shots.

Second year Anna Apple in full bloom.

A close up of the Anna Apple blossom. There were a swarm of bees around this tree. I think that I should have a fair number of Apples this year.

Another view of my Anna Apple tree in full bloom. Notice the other pink flowers in the back ground?

I can't believe that my bare-root Baba Raspberries are sprouting already. I haven't put them into the ground yet!

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It is only January 12th and I can’t believe that I have blooms on my Anna Apple tree. Looks like we may have apples early this year. Double click on the photos below for amazing detail.


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