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May 24, 2012 was a great day for our family. We purchased a 2013 Keystone Outback from Mike Thompson RV in Fountain Valley California. The only dealer that was close to us in San Diego, was not interested in ordering a trailer for us. They only wanted to sell what was in their inventory. So we made the 100 mile trek to Fountain Valley and struck a deal.

This was our first look at the trailer at Mike Thompson RV in Fountain Valley. They had two 250rs models. One was a 2012 and the other was a 2013. There was not any difference that we saw between the two trailers.

I do not mean to give the impression that this was an impulse purchase. I looked at many different trailer forums, manufacturer websites, etc. over a three year period. We could not afford the trailer we wanted. If it were not for a generous gift from my mother, this particular purchase would have never happened. The biggest factor for purchasing this trailer was the rear king slide. My wife and I found that we don’t like queen sized beds too much. Actually, I take up quite a bit of room and I encroach on her space. I was not sure how my wife would react to the floor plan. The rear king bed is not a walk around. You have to crawl into the bed. A disadvantage is that it is harder to make the bed, but it is a small price to pay for such a luxury.

Rear facing view showing the king sized bed. The bed is on a rear slide that extends outside of the trailer. The overall trailer length is under 28 feet. Fully extended, the trailer adds another 5 feet.

The front of the trailer has two bunks for the kids. Surprisingly the bunks support up to 300 pounds. The bottom bunk flips up to allow the storage of large or bulky items such as bikes. My oldest son claimed the bottom bunk before the contract was signed. My youngest boy was happy to take the top bunk. I was happy there was no fight between them for the bunk that they wanted.

Ryan enjoying his newly claimed bottom bunk. This bunk flips up to allow the storage of large items such as bicycles.

Jake enjoying the top bunk. We purchased a ladder from Camping World to allow access to the top bunk. He is quite the character as you can guess from his pose in the photo.

We also enjoy the side slideout which gives us a great deal of room. It has a U-Shape dinette that has a table that can be moved around if needed to accommodate larger people. I did notice that the panels seem a little thin. I may decide to use thicker plywood to reinforce the seating area.I am sure it is fine for most people. I happen to be a little on the fluffy side.

The side sildeout provides our family of four with more than enough room to move around the trailer. My wife is contemplating the purchase when this photo was taken.

The kitchen area is very nice and functional. The only complaint is the lack of counter space. We often have to place items on the dinette table behind us when preparing meals. It is a small issue that is easily dealt with.

Kitchen area of the 2013 Keystone Outback 250rs.

The trailer now sits in the driveway awaiting it’s maiden voyage to Lake Jennings. Another post with photos to follow.

I use four chocks and Bal-X tire chocks to keep this trailer in place on a sloped driveway.

My tow vehicle is a 2008 Toyota Tundra 4×4 with the 5.7 liter V8. It does a great job of pulling the trailer but I do notice that the truck is working hard on steep grades. I was able to maintain 55-60 miles an hour up a 6% grade with temps around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I averaged 8.8 MPG on hilly territory. On flat ground, I was able to achieve 9.9 MPG.

A rare photo of the tow vehicle attached to the trailer.


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