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The blackberries are waking up. It seems the thorned varieties are growing like crazy while my thornless varieties have not reached their full potential.Image

You can see from the photo above that the thornless varieties are thriving but not as vigorous as the thorned varieties. The three blackberries from right to left are Triple Crown. The blackberry on the far left is the Black Satin, which experienced some die back. It too has new growth, but I may end up replacing it, if the plant appears to struggle again.


Pictured above is the Marionberry and behind it is a thorned Boysenberry. The plants have exploded with new growth.


The Olallie has made some progress but is not as vigorous as the Boysenberry or Marionberry.

There is a new thick primocane coming up on one of my Triple Crown Blackberries. I would like to see four or five more come out just like it.

Some more primocanes coming from another Triple Crown Blackberry.

Ripening Marionberries.

Triple Crown blackberry blossoms.


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I was very concerned about the standing water in my Blackberry basins from the last few storms that our area received. The advice given to me was to fill them in. I need to water these plants in the heat of the summer, but they would die if corrective action does not take place this winter. I guess I can always use mulch and dig new shallow basins if needed during the summer.  The only thing that I am worried about is that I buried the stems of the vines under three inches of new dirt. I hope that the vines don’t rot or die off. I guess time will tell. Here are some before and after pictures:

About an inch of rain filled this basin to capacity. This is the basin after 12 hours. I wonder if the Triple Crown Blackberries will put up with wet feet a few times a year?

The Triple Crown Blackberry basin has been filled in to prevent water pooling and root rot. I hope this will fix the issue and I will have healthy plants during the spring.

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We received .89 inches of rain last night and the soil is saturated. To be fair, the soil was saturated from last weeks storm, so this is just a continuation of a wet weather pattern. The basins take about 24 to 36 hours to drain completely from the mess that is posted below. I am think about slowly filling in the basins, but I need them in the summer months because the round gets too dry. I water about once every four days in the heat of the summer and the plants seem to thrive. What are your thoughts?

Double clicking the photos will give you much more detail.

About an inch of rain filled this basin to capacity. This is the basin after 12 hours. I wonder if the Triple Crown Blackberries will put up with wet feet a few times a year?

I have four planted berries and three of them do not have the standing water in the basin. The lower berry has a smidge of water left as of tonight. It should be all gone by the morning.

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The fall season is here and the Triple Crown Blackberries are going into dormancy. The color of the leaves have been extreme. Were talking about neon oranges, reds, and yellows. I am sure the plants will be more impressive when they fully mature into the monsters that I heard about.

I do have one concern about where I planted these guys. It seems that all of the water from my back yard wants to flow in this direction after a good rain. I will have standing water in the in the basin around the plant for a couple of days. The ground that you see in the last picture below is still wet after 8 days with no rain. I thought about filling in the basins, but there is still standing water around the outside of the basin too. The water does dissipate after a couple of day. So far, the plants seem to be handling the wet conditions but only time will tell. I have no intention of digging them up now and moving them elsewhere.  I will post pictures of what the area looks like after our next rain which should be tomorrow.

As always, double click on the picture below to get even better detail.

Some intense yellows too.

Here is a shot of one of the small Triple Crown Blackberry plants changing color.

Nice deep reds before the Triple Crown Blackberry goes dormant for the winter. The ground is still wet after 8 days with no rain.

Not quite as colorful at the Triple Crown Blackberry yet. Maybe the Black Satin Blackberry plants are not as colorful? The ground is still wet after 8 days with no rain. There will be standing water in an around the basin for a couple of days afterward. I hope the berries can live through these conditions!

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The berries might be showing signs of slowing down, but there are new shoots growing everywhere, so my guess is that they will go until the first frost. I can tell you with 100% certainty, that these 4 plants will overtake the small trellis that I have put up. At the time, I was thinking that I would have plenty of room. Next spring should be very interesting….

Double click on the photos for greater detail.

The Black Satin has really impressed me. I first thought that is was less vigorous than the Triple Crowns. How wrong I was!

This Triple Crown Blackberry replaced my ailing Natchez Blackberry. With only a month in the hot summer son, it has 3 feet of new growth seen on the right cane.

Notice the very long cane on the Triple Crown blackberry plant to the right? I estimate this stem to be at least 14 feet after 3 months of growth.

This Marion berry is still potted with 10 foot canes. It will be planted in the fall.

The newest and last addition to the berry patch. It will be planted in the fall. I just do not have the room to buy new berries. 😦

The Ouachita Blackberries are hanging in there. They were clearance plants at Lowes and they have recovered quite nicely. There are two plants that will go in to the ground this fall.

I am happy to see a full recovery for the Natchez Blackberry and will try to plant again in the fall.

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The plants are thriving but I have noticed a slow down in growth. Maybe the plants feel fall coming on. Feel free to double click on the photos for much better detail. 🙂

This plant has canes that can touch the top wire at 6 feet. Not bad considering that the plant was planted on July 1. and was 2 feet high. The plant managed to grow in extreme summer heat and avoided transplant shock.

One single Triple Crown cane over 10 feet now. I tried to pinch it three times to get a fork in the cane but this plan is stubborn and wants to shoot out one lateral at a time.

Newly planted Triple Crown blackberry that replaced my struggling Natchez Blackberry. It is sjowing some signs of new growth after 2 weeks. See photo below.

Triple Crown Blackberry new growth after planting in ground two weeks ago.

Nice growth on the Black Satin. I am surprised by a new massive shoot at ground level that started two weeks ago. It is almost 2 feet long and is thicker than any of the existing vines on the plant.

I pulled the failing Natchez out of the ground a little over two weeks ago and the plant has made a strong comeback. I will try again in the fall, when the temperatures are a little more moderate.

My Triple Crown blackberries were easily growing an inch a day, but I noticed a slow down. Could be fall in the air?

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Well it is mid-Agust and I have had some successes and failures in my berry selection. The three triple crown plants are going nuts. I did not expect them to thrive after planting them in the heat of July. I was expecting a little die back, but that did not occur. In the spring, these plants should send up 6-8 new canes and they will be monsters with established roots systems. The pictures below show little one gallon plants that started off as little sticks. You can click on the photos for added detail. If you click twice on the same photo you get BIG.

This is the most impressive plant with a cane that is nearing 10 feet. I have pinched the tip on this cane twice to encourage lateral shoots, but this plant is stubborn. The cane on this plant is larger than pencil thick.

I finally uprooted my ailing Natchez" Blackberry and added my last potted Triple Crown in this location. Don't worry about the Natchez, I am trying to save him. See photo below.

When I pulled this plant, the root ball seem very small with no visible new growth on the plant or the roots. I repotted him in potting soil to see if I can bring this plant back to health.

Some new growth on the Black Satin Blackberry indicates that it is healthy, but it is not nearly as vigorous as the Triple Crown Blackberries.

It appears that one of my "Baba Raspberries" died. It wss hammered with bugs and the sevin dust most likely killed the tender shoots. I will still water and wait to see.

The other Baba Raspberry is thriving. At least one plant made it. I plan to nurture this one to full size and plant in the fall when the temps are not so harsh.

The Oauchita Blackberries are showing new growth in their temporary home. They will be planted in the fall.

I will plant the Marionberry in the fall, on the opposite side of the property.

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